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Robyn Stunts Rewind 2 – New Stunt Bike and My Setup

Hey Guys! Now that you know how I got into stunt riding, I’m going to tell you about what bike I picked up for my first stunt bike. I’m also going to talk about how I set my bike up to stunt. Keep in mind at this point I was a beginner and knew very little about stunt riding. Spring 2011: My first […]

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New Sprocket From 5thGearSprockets.com

When I started stunt riding, I bought a bike that was 100% stock, meaning all of my aftermarket stunt parts were my decision. At that time, I didn’t know much about stunt riding at all. I honestly had no clue what size sprocket to get, where to get it from, or what all of my options were. I did some research […]

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