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A Very Merry Christmas Interview Special

What’s up everyone? I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. I hope everyone is feeling merry and bright, and ready to have a wonderful holiday! This Christmas, I am missing my family and friends back in Massachusetts. For those that didn’t know, I grew up in Massachusetts, and I’ve lived in California for almost 3 years now! Dang, time flies. Even […]

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Madera Fairgrounds Renegade Rendezvous Show Recap

Jason Pullen invited me to do a show with him at the Madera Fairgrounds this past Saturday. The 14th Annual 2014 California Renegade Rendezvous! 8 of us took off in the JasonPullenStunts.com tour bus on our 3 hour journey. Jason & I, along with a few others performed 2, 20 minute stunt sets. One at noon and one at 3PM. […]

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My Brother and I In Super Streetbike Magazine – 10 Years Apart

In 2003, my brother Mike was featured in Super Streetbike Magazine. He was down in Florida for bike week. It was rainy and shitty out, and none of his friends wanted to ride with him. He was dared to go out and wheelie in a thong if he wanted to ride so bad. He is not one to turn down […]

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Robyn Stunts Rewind 3 – My 1st Stunt Riding Session

Finally, I’m back to write the 3rd section of Robyn Stunts Rewind! First, you guys heard about how I got into stunt riding, then you learned about how I set my bike up to stunt! Now, I’m going to talk about my first few stunt sessions. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about starting out, so this will tell you […]

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