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Robyn Stunts Rewind 1 – How I Got Into Stunting

What’s up everyone! I have a lot people ask me things like, “how long have you been riding?” or “how did you start stunting?”. So, let’s rewind to 2011 when I first got into stunt riding and I’ll take you through a journey from the start, to where I am today!

600rr Streets


In spring 2011, I was just your typical street rider. I rode an 06 600rr, my first bike. Both wheels stayed on the ground at all times, but I knew that I wanted to learn to wheelie. It just looked so awesome! I also had some influences in my riding that made my desire to wheelie even stronger.

My brother used to wheelie and I look up to him a lot. I always wanted to try the things my brother was doing. Thru street riding, I met a lot of riders and got invited to go to lot sessions. I would ride to the lot to take pics, or attend shows to cheer on the guys. I also used to go on street rides like the Boston Massacre and the Section518 rides. These rides are full of street killers that I admire and that encouraged me to learn to stunt.


I became good friends with a lot of the stunt riders, and one hit me up asking if I knew anyone interested in a stock 06 636 to turn into a stunt bike. I told him yes, I wanted it. I knew nothing about the proper set up of a stunt bike, knew nothing about the pros and cons of a stunt bike, I just knew I wanted one and the price he offered me was too good to pass up.

I drove to CT that weekend and picked up my new “stunt bike”.

Next time, learn about my new bike and how I set it up to stunt!



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4 Responses so far.

  1. Cory D says:

    Just a fan, been riding dirt bikes forever and jumped on a ’08 1000rr last august. Couldn’t be happier. Love the pics, keep up the good work stuntin!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Cory D!! Have fun with your 1000. 🙂

  3. Maryam says:

    Very cool, can’t believe how much you’ve progressed so quickly (well in my opinion) , you should be really proud of yourself… I always show off your videos to ppl.. Lol

  4. awwwh thanks Maryam ! <3