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New Sprocket From 5thGearSprockets.com

When I started stunt riding, I bought a bike that was 100% stock, meaning all of my aftermarket stunt parts were my decision. At that time, I didn’t know much about stunt riding at all. I honestly had no clue what size sprocket to get, where to get it from, or what all of my options were. I did some research online, and then went with a well known stunt company, selecting a size that was somewhere in the middle of little and huge. I have used my first sprocket (54tooth steel) for 2 years now – and it has worked out great for me! But, after 2 years, I decided it was time to retire my sprocket and get something a little fancier. I also wanted to go up in gearing a little, to a 60t. I contacted James, from 5th Gear Sprockets who I was referred to by Will at SickNastyClothing.com. James worked with me one on one, happily helping me to design my own custom sprocket. Like most girls, I changed my mind about 12 times before I decided what I wanted. James was so helpful and put up with all my back and forth. Together, we designed the perfect sprocket for me! After deciding on the design, I received my sprocket in just a couple days. Talk about fast service. Check out my new sprocket, and if you’re thinking of getting a new sprocket yourself, check out James Hackley at 5thgearsprockets.com! Let him know I sent you, and I am confident you will receive the same friendly, fast customer service that I did. I can’t wait to get this on my bike and try it out!! Feeling fancy!

5th Gear Sprocket

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