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A Very Merry Christmas Interview Special

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What’s up everyone? I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. I hope everyone is feeling merry and bright, and ready to have a wonderful holiday! This Christmas, I am missing my family and friends back in Massachusetts. For those that didn’t know, I grew up in Massachusetts, and I’ve lived in California for almost 3 years now! Dang, time flies. Even though I am missing my roots, I’m excited to spend time with my boyfriend and his family. I’m also looking forward to a week and a half off of work to relax, ride and hang with friends. But the thing I’m most looking forward to this Christmas?? I can’t wait to give my boyfriend his Christmas gift. I’m pretty sure I nailed it and I can’t wait to see his face light up. Anyways, enough about me… I want y’all to meet some of my favorite motorcycle guys and gals that also love to get in the Christmas spirit!

Meet the Redline Ravens

Redline Ravens is a sexy trio of female motorcycle riders from SoCal. They aim to inspire everyone to get out and ride! I love how positive, ambitious and sweet they are. These girls are a ton of fun to follow on social media since they’re always up to something! Whether it be attending a superbike school, reviewing the latest and greatest motorcycle products, or filming for a hilarious new skit, I never want a miss a post. If you’ve ever been passed by a gorgeous brunette wearing full leathers at the track, or on a canyon road…you may have just had an encounter with one of the Redline Ravens.

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Mizziel, Annette and Keekee. (from left to right)

So ladies, were you naughty or were you nice this year?

Mizziel: Hm… naughty or nice…? Very dependent on the situation LOL But for the most part, nice… so please tell the homie Santa to send me motorcycles, pizza, and chocolate! I’ll also be happy to keep one of his reindeer so I can fly around and mess with people. #reindeersidekickftw

Annette: I feel like I’ve been mostly nice, but once in a while I get a wild hair and the naughty comes out. It’s my sweet tooth and motorcycles that get me into trouble!

If you could have one Christmas wish come true, what would it be?

Keekee: I would love to travel to many countries around the world such as Japan, Australia, Italy, and many more. I like to learn about other cultures and meet new people! That would be my one wish for Christmas.

redline ravens, redlineravens, socal riders, christmas

Mizziel, Annette and Keekee. (from left to right)

Are you a giver, or a receiver?

Annette:  I like to give, but I don’t mind receiving. I can give an amazing back rub, but then I want one in return LOL.

Mizziel: I’m mainly a giver- I love creating happiness. I worry way too much about people having fun and being happy when they’re around me. It’s all about good energy, meaningful conversations, and witty banter. However, I’m always grateful to receive things, especially when it comes from the heart.

Meet Mike & Mary

Mike and Mary are boyfriend and girlfriend (oooooooo) and are two of my good friends from Fresno, CA. Mary is one of the most down to earth rad chicks I’ve ever met, and she rides a sick Zx-10. She came to my last video shoot, and with a smile on her face the entire time she helped take pictures, run back and forth to my car grabbing things, and kept me company on the 4.5 hour drive to LA. She made my trip that much more memorable, and I look forward to many more trips with Mary. Her boyfriend Mike is a fellow stunt rider and is really good friends with my boyfriend’s motorcycle club, Straight Up. Mike is always showing love and support not just to the guys, but also to me. These two are family for sure.

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Mary buys you a brand new Honda for Christmas, but you really wanted a Kawasaki…what do you do?

Mike: It’s a new bike! I would be happy…as long as it’s an F4i!

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So guys, tell me…has your partner been naughty or nice?

Mary: Mike was naughty! He blew out second gear on my bike. But he made up for it by taking care of me while I recovered from my back surgery.

Mike: Mary was nice! She works hard and takes care of the house. She even took care of me after I was in a bad motorcycle accident and couldn’t do much for myself. She is my angel.

Meet SmashStunts

SmashStunts aka Ashley Lammela is my soul mate, my wife, my ride or die, my bff, my….ok, ok, you get it. I just love this girl. I met Ashley a few years ago when her tiny ass was first trying to do a wheelie. I loved her dedication, her hard work and her “I got this” attitude. We quickly became friends as I helped explain to her how to pop a wheelie, and encouraged her to push herself. Now she does the same for me. She picked up the basics so fast, and is now one of the top street killers. She’s hella smooth and can combo and scrape on the streets for days. Besides sharing our passion for riding, we love texting for hours, hula hooping over FaceTime and rocking music videos together. I’m super thankful for Ashley this Christmas, and every other day. Meet my wife..

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What are you most excited for this Christmas?

Ashley: As much as I love Vegas I’m ready to get out of here and spend Christmas with Jeff’s family and our rescued Pitbull son in Ohio. I’m sooo excited for Blue to see snow for the first time! I’m also looking forward to turning off my phone, indulging in a few books and spending quality time with family and making memories.

smashstunts, las vegas, stunt girl

What is your one Christmas wish?

Ashley: I know how it feels to be lonely for the holidays and every year I find myself thinking of all of the people who don’t have family or anyone to spend the holidays with. My wish is for all of those people to find peace and comfort in knowing that they do matter and they are loved. I also wish for all the doggies in shelters to find homes and live happily ever after.

Meet Rob1WheelRevolution

Rob 1Wheel Revolution is from Billings, Montana. Rob grew up on a cattle ranch, and while he did some four wheeler riding, he didn’t swing his leg over a motorcycle until he was 21! Now he’s a sick Harley stunt rider that I really enjoy following on social media. If you love v-twin wheelies and burnouts, Rob is one guy you’re going to love keeping an eye on.

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What is your favorite thing about the holidays?

Rob: I think my favorite part is the opportunity to partake in winter adventures whether it be sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling or ice wheelies.

rob, santa, harley wheelie

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Rob: On my wishlist are two things: 1) Canon 7D mark II 2) Canon 70-200 2.8L IS USM lens for taking moto pics!

Meet DreaStunts

Drea Stunts aka Andrea Tanigami is one of the most inspirational stunt girls on the block! Even if it’s 2AM on Thanksgiving in the middle of a storm, Drea will be out there practicing her wheelies. And oh boy, does it show! Drea is a very well rounded rider. She can hold her own poppin wheelies on the highway with the best of em, but if you come to an intersection you better believe she isn’t going to miss the opportunity to get some slow circle practice in either. Drea is a soon to be mommy, and I know with this kind of dedication that it won’t be long until she’s back in the game. I can totally see Drea building some sort of bubble wrap baby proof wheelie contraption for her kid so she can start em young, reeeeal young. Her new baby is going to be a wheelie killer, just like the rest of the family.

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What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Drea: Every year we have a ‘Friendsmas’ and gather all our riding friends over and play white elephant. It’s a way for us to bond over something other than riding. In the Northwest we are all super close and do a lot of family non-related bike things together. Convinced we have the best bike scene ever.

drea, drea stunts, stunt girl, smile

If you had one Christmas wish, what would it be?

Drea: This year I definitely wish it would SNOW!!!! The first and probably only time you will hear me say that because I’m pregnant and can’t ride haha. I’ve always liked snow but never enjoyed it because of the downtime and I can’t drive in it at all – so definitely looking forward to snow this year!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, and I truly hope everyone has an amazing holiday. Leaving y’all with a few Christmas photos of myself.



straight up, san jose, stunt girl

Hanging out in the rain for the Straight Up toy drive last week.

toothpick ted, santa, ms claus, christmas, robynstunts

One of my favorite pictures from a photoshoot with my friend Toothpick Ted.

wheelie, dress up, christmas

Wheelies on my old f4i. This was a great bike!


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